Feb 272015
John Manning: The Top 5 Things to Know About Foreign Financing

Liquidity in the debt markets is pushing core pricing and strong activity coupled with aggressive lending and competitive structures on the debt side. Banks, life companies and CMBS lenders will all become increasingly competitive, driving growth across more markets and products.  Foreign investors and lenders alike are expanding their presence in the U.S. by acquiring [...]

Feb 202015
Julia Georgules and Phil Ryan: New Year, New Office? NERDS Markets Offer New Opportunities to Harness Innovation, Talent

Silicon Valley and San Francisco are prime locations for tech companies and millennials, but it comes at a premium price: Office space rents are triple the national average in Palo Alto, up 75 percent over the last four years. And employees can expect to pay a hefty $2,700 per month in rent. So where else [...]

Feb 112015
David Kollmorgen: The Big Deal with Big Data and How to Put it to Work

The good news is corporate real estate is starting to use the new BI tools, concomitant analytics and data visualizations to rapidly improve how large companies can leverage their corporate real estate portfolios. The not-so-good news: the C-suite is reluctant to invest in these enabling technologies. In fact, the C-suite is just learning how to [...]

Jan 202015

With the Brooklyn real estate market overheated and real estate pricing in Queens quickly escalating, investors and developers seeking higher yields in the New York City metropolitan area are increasingly focused on the Bronx. Demonstrating how attractive the Bronx market has become in a relatively short time, we at GFI Realty Services Inc. recently completed [...]

Jan 072015
Suzann Silverman: Should Real Estate Fear the Economy?

Prudential market experts were largely optimistic in their prognosis for the global economy during yesterday’s annual forecast. Strategists from the fixed income, retirement, quantitative management, international investment and annuities groups predicted moderate growth despite some concerns—mainly about oil prices, upcoming elections in Greece and Spain, the European Central Bank president’s expected decision to begin quantitative [...]

Oct 312014
Tracey Hatley: How Shopping Centers Can Scare Up Good Returns from Ghost Space

Halloween comes only once a year, much to the disappointment of costumed, candy-hoarding kids — and much to the relief of their parents. For years, retailers and mall owners would’ve largely sided with the kids: Halloween brings increased sales, but only for one month a year and only for certain kinds of shops. These days, however, the [...]