Oct 312014
Tracey Hatley: How Shopping Centers Can Scare Up Good Returns from Ghost Space

Halloween comes only once a year, much to the disappointment of costumed, candy-hoarding kids — and much to the relief of their parents. For years, retailers and mall owners would’ve largely sided with the kids: Halloween brings increased sales, but only for one month a year and only for certain kinds of shops. These days, however, the [...]

Oct 302014
Bryan Jacobs: Three Ways Data-Centric CRE Can Improve Productivity—and Impress Your CFO

It’s clear from the agenda for this year’s CoreNet Global North American Summit in Washington, D.C. that corporate real estate has become part of the C-suite’s larger quest for productivity. It’s a journey that today’s advanced data tools can expedite now more than ever. As one global head of real estate for a major corporation recently observed, [...]

Oct 242014
Bob Best: Applying Research to Boost Productivity in YOUR Office

Is your office a “Best Place to Work”—and a green one? The two should go together. The World Green Building Council and JLL’s Health, wellbeing and productivity in offices: The next chapter for green building report provides “overwhelming evidence” that indoor air quality, thermal comfort, access to natural light and other elements of green office [...]

Sep 222014
Matt Hoberg: Five Steps to Data-Centric Corporate Real Estate

“How much do we spend on real estate globally?” “How many leases do we have across the world?” “Which buildings could we exit in the next 12 months?” If you are a typical corporate real estate executive, these simple questions may be difficult to answer because the data is not easily available. Today, data lets [...]

Sep 032014
Greg Matter: Opportunity for High-Tech Firms Spills into Suburban Metros, But Urban Markets Remain Hot

High-tech companies are seeking reasonably-priced labor and real estate near their customers in new frontiers, giving smaller cities and suburbs a second economic wind. JLL’s latest High-Technology Office Outlook reveals how new and unexpected tech hubs like Detroit and Charlotte are getting a piece of the action. Follow the Hipsters While the high-tech industry’s growth is [...]

Aug 222014
Greg Maloney: Why Back-to-School Shoppers Prefer Bricks and Mortar

Shopping online just keeps getting easier. As deal sites abound, shipping prices fall away, inventory endlessly expands and it begs the question: “Does anyone load the kids up in the family car and drive to the mall anymore?” Turns out they do—and especially when school’s about to start. A recent survey shows that 90 percent [...]

Jul 252014
Chris Pesek: Millennials Are Facility Management's Future; They Just Don't Know It (Yet)

  Facility management has an aging workforce (average employee age of 49, six years above the U.S. general working population average)—but it doesn’t have to be that way. A recent JLL survey shows that only one percent of Millennials are studying facility management, yet they report values, skills and aspirations consistent with a career in [...]

Jul 172014
Roger Humphrey: Top 10 U.S. Life Sciences Clusters

Global shifts in the life sciences landscape may be rewriting the global map, but U.S. cities continue to lead the world in biopharmaceutical resources and enterprises. The 2014 JLL Global Life Sciences Cluster Report analyses top U.S. life sciences clusters, ranks the cities for their prominence in the industry and also offers an analysis of [...]

Jun 242014
Scott Smith: Strong Operating Fundamentals, Favorable Financing Contribute to Positive Investment Outlook

PKF Consulting USA, LLC (PKFC)’s recently released results of its annual Hospitality Investment Survey revealed that hospitality investment indices continue to operate at optimal performance levels. According to the survey results, hotel profits are up, debt is more readily available at attractive terms, capitalization rates are stable and values are expected to increase in the [...]

May 272014

There is no denying that multifamily has performed well over the past few years. The recovery of the sector preceded other commercial real estate property types after the most recent financial crisis. The apartment recovery is widely attributed to rental demand resulting directly from downturn issues including employment losses, the desire of the younger generation [...]