Aug 062015
Maureen Ehrenberg: Why Let the IT Team Corner Outsourcing Innovation? It's CRE's Turn.

There’s a new opportunity for innovation knocking on the C-suite door, but this time, it’s not from IT. Forward-looking corporate real estate (CRE) teams are looking to breathe new life into the way they manage their business globally, and their tech team counterparts have set an intriguing example. With small but mighty in-house teams, paired […]

Aug 062015
Steve Coyle:  Learned Locales -- An Educated Investment

As U.S. commercial real estate prices have risen rapidly in gateway markets, where the science, technology, engineering, and new media sectors have driven employment growth, many investors are questioning whether these trends can continue over the long run.  We think that they will.  While a recession could occur, we believe that technology and knowledge-based markets—what […]

Jul 292015
David Kollmorgen: No Longer a 'Virtual' Reality: Data Science Illuminates Dark CRE Data

Cost, people and space data that integrates seamlessly with business and market data? Productivity measured and supported? Now it’s all possible. Real estate data integration has long been an enterprise ambition; now, it’s a reality. The integration platforms to achieve that goal have been missing, with siloed, function specific service providers running the technology development […]

Jul 162015
Facility Owners and Managers are Using Inaccurate Building Information.

Despite the fact that information is readily available through Building Information Modeling (BIM), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Building Automation Systems (BAS), facility teams do not fully utilize data to help anticipate potential problems and needs within their department. Facility managers and owners lose money every day because they do not have a thorough […]

Jul 142015
Christian Beaudoin: 5 Ways to Rise to C-Suite Expectations

The heat is on in corporate real estate (CRE) departments around the world.  From Singapore to London to Chicago, the C-suite is demanding more business intelligence from real estate executives – and more productivity from properties – than ever before. It’s a veritable pressure cooker, according to JLL’s 2015 Global Corporate Real Estate Trends report, […]

Jun 242015
Green Renting: Apartment Communities Promote Healthier Living

More and more people understand the benefits of green living and integrate sustainable practices into their daily lives. From driving hybrid cars to reupholstering or repurposing furniture, shopping locally and carpooling, there are a lot of ways in which we can all contribute to saving the environment. While each individual action counts and can lead […]

May 112015
Steve Jones: 5 Ways to Keep Customers Coming Back

1. EMBRACE THE OMNI-CHANNEL EXPERIENCE: More and more retailers are striving to build a true omni-channel experience that merges at-home, in-store and mobile commerce into one seamless experience. In other words, if a customer wants to view an item online, purchase it using their phone and pick it up in-store, they can do so in […]

May 052015
JLL's Holly Rome & Tracey Hatley: 5 Ways to Reap Revenue from Unused Retail Space

1.      DARE TO BE DIFFERENT – Enhancing a retail center with unique tenants creates synergy and healthy competition. New experiences drive traffic, repeat visits and sales. Keep your center fresh with new and different shops; develop relationships with local and regional boutiques so you’ll be their first call when they’re ready to expand. Offer competitive […]